E-commerce: Boosting Services Website Design

E-commerce: Boosting Services Website Design

Project overview

The assignment centered around refreshing and updating the World of Warcraft boosting services website. The key goal was to enhance the site’s aesthetic and user interaction to more effectively highlight the range of boosting services available. The prior site had limitations in engaging users and didn’t fully convey the excitement and expertise of the gaming services offered. The overhaul aimed to produce an engaging and seamless navigation experience that matched the dynamic and professional nature of the services and the expectations of the gaming community.

My role
UX/UI designer, UX researcher.
Performing interviews, creating paper and digital wireframes, developing both low and high-fidelity prototypes, executing usability studies, ensuring accessibility considerations, and iterating on designs.

Redesigned pages

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Home page Angle
Service page Angle
Category page Angle
Events calendar Angle
Cart Angle
404 page Angle
Page offering a streamlined buying option.
List of services.
Live countdown displaying the remaining time until the event starts.
An intuitive and streamlined cart page with minimal fields, designed to offer a hassle-free and efficient checkout process for users.
We can’t just forget about 404 page 🙂 Also, placing there some of the featured services.

Design process

User research: summary
For the World of Warcraft boosting services website redesign, I delved into user research to capture the unique needs of the gaming community. Through player interviews and data analysis, I crafted an affinity diagram that revealed a strong desire for a straightforward, trustworthy online platform for purchasing game-boosting services. These findings were pivotal in shaping a website that simplified the buying journey and fostered trust – both of which are paramount for transactions in the gaming industry where service credibility is key.
Design strategy: addressing pain points

In the revamp of the World of Warcraft services website, I faced the task of transforming an antiquated interface into a contemporary and interactive user hub. My objective was to infuse the site with a fresh, appealing look that spoke to gamers and instilled confidence in the boosting services offered. To achieve this, I meticulously mapped out the user journey, pinpointing pivotal touchpoints where strategic information could be positioned to streamline the purchasing process. This approach was aimed at crafting a seamless and engaging experience for players seeking to enhance their gaming prowess through professional boosting services.

Starting the design
During the overhaul of the World of Warcraft boosting service website, I assimilated constructive feedback from preliminary user tests. This step was pivotal in honing the site’s user interface to boost engagement significantly. Special attention was devoted to streamlining navigation and prominently showcasing the available boosting services. This strategy aimed to simplify the user’s navigation, allowing gamers to effortlessly locate and utilize the services required, thus elevating the overall customer experience.

Laying out the content

In developing the revamped content architecture for the e-commerce boosting website’s website, I embarked on wireframing to methodically structure the content into clear, distinct sections.
The foremost aim here was to lay out the information in a way that serves dual purposes: firstly, to align with business objectives, which involves motivating users to interact with key features like product optimization tools and analytics dashboards; and secondly, to fulfill user goals by offering clear insights into how the website’s tools and services can enhance their e-commerce performance.

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UI Design

For the World of Warcraft boosting services website design, I chose the Montserrat typeface from the Google Fonts collection for both headers and regular text. This choice aligns with the dynamic and contemporary vibe of the gaming environment. Montserrat, with its clean and geometric sans-serif style, embodies the modern and digital nature of the game. Its versatility allows for clear legibility in both headers and body text, ensuring that information about the boosting services is easily accessible and engaging. The typeface’s sleek and uncluttered appearance complements the high-energy, action-packed world of Warcraft, enhancing the website’s overall appeal to the gaming community.

E-commerce: Boosting Services Website Design

Final look

Here are the final designs for the webpages, after applying the visual identity.

Try Figma prototype

“Working with Alesia on the redesign of our World of Warcraft boosting services website was a remarkable experience! She expertly crafted a vibrant, user-friendly interface that brilliantly resonates with the spirit and excitement of our gaming services. Alesia’s proficiency in understanding our unique needs and her ability to bring those ideas to life were outstanding. Her commitment to excellence is evident in every aspect of the website, from its engaging layout to its intuitive user experience. I am beyond pleased with the outcome and strongly endorse Alesia for anyone seeking a truly talented and dedicated UX/UI designer.”

Results and future steps

Following the launch of our revamped website for World of Warcraft boosting services, we’ve received overwhelmingly positive responses from our users. They’ve appreciated the enhanced user experience and the engaging design elements. Going forward, we’re committed to regularly analyzing user data and feedback. This will be our compass for making continuous improvements, adapting to changing user preferences, and staying ahead in the competitive gaming services industry. Our goal is to ensure our platform remains a preferred choice for gamers, reflecting the latest trends and user expectations in the world of online gaming services.


The website redesign for Boomboost, the World of Warcraft boosting services company, transformed their online presence into a dynamic and engaging interface. This overhaul significantly improved the visual appeal and user experience, making it more inviting and easy to navigate. The design successfully combined elements that resonate with gamers, emphasizing the exciting and adventurous nature of the services offered. The result is a more interactive and compelling platform that not only aligns with the gaming community’s expectations but also effectively supports the business’s objectives in the competitive online gaming market.

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