Design System – UI Components Library

Design System – UI Components Library

Project overview

With each new project or phase, I found myself beginning from the scratch, necessitating the establishment of a fresh components library each time. Consequently, I consistently found myself redesigning identical components, with their style varying each time to accommodate different functionalities.

My role
UI/UX designer, Visual Designer, Design System Designer
Build components, Compile all existing use cases and develop specific use cases for every component.

Designed components

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  • A unified resource for accessing components, patterns, and designs.
  • Enables the redesign and scalable management of updates for projects within the design system.
  • Design efforts can shift from minor visual adjustments to tackling more intricate issues and solutions, maintaining both visual and functional consistency across projects.
  • Facilitates rapid design replication using pre-designed components and elements.
  • Minimizes redundancy and the risk of inconsistencies.
  • Decreases lost time in design and development due to misunderstandings.

Component library includes:

  • UI Components: Reusable visual elements like buttons, input fields, toggles, dropdowns, and navigation bars that ensure a consistent look and feel.
  • Design Patterns: Documented best practices for layout, navigation, and complex user interactions that guide the creation of coherent user experiences.
  • Typography: Defined styles for headings, body text, captions, and other textual content that establish hierarchy and readability.
  • Color Palette: A curated selection of colors used for UI elements, text, backgrounds, and accents to maintain visual harmony and brand identity.
  • Icons and Graphics: A set of scalable icons and graphic elements that complement the visual language of the interface.
  • Spacing and Layout Guidelines: Standardized spacing rules and grid systems to ensure consistent alignment and organization of components.
  • Interaction States: Specifications for hover, active, disabled, and focus states of components to enhance usability.
  • A nice menu to navigate through the Design System Figma file.
Design System – UI Components Library

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Design System – UI Components Library

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