Dance.Studio – Website Design

Dance.Studio – Website Design

Project overview

Craft a design that captures the vibrant and contemporary essence of our studio, weaving a visual narrative that brings the studio’s events to life. Create unusual, not boring and WOW-effect design.

My role
UI designer, Visual Designer
Crafting high-fidelity prototypes based on the given information and information architecture.

Designed pages

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UI Design

For the refreshed look of our dance studio website, we’ve chosen Oswald for all textual elements, aligning with a design philosophy that marries elegance with approachability. This choice in typography is strategic, aimed at elevating our site’s overall user experience by ensuring that every piece of text, from headlines to body copy, embodies a clean and modern aesthetic. Oswald, with its geometric sans-serif traits, delivers a crisp and inviting appearance that complements the dynamic and artistic nature of our dance studio. Its distinct yet readable forms enhance the website’s navigability, guiding visitors effortlessly through our array of dance styles, schedules, and events. Implementing Oswald across the platform reflects our dedication to providing a seamless and visually cohesive experience, highlighting our studio’s commitment to excellence and passion for dance. This typographic consistency not only bolsters legibility but also visually encapsulates our studio’s ethos, making it a central aspect of our digital identity.

Dance.Studio – Website Design

Final look

Here are the final designs for the webpages, after applying the visual identity.

Dance.Studio – Website Design
“Collaborating with Alesia on our dance studio’s website was an absolute delight! She infused brightness and creativity into every aspect of the design. Right from the initial planning through to the polished end product, Alesia demonstrated a keen understanding and an innovative approach. We’re thrilled with the vibrant and engaging page she created. I recommend Alesia to anyone in search of an WOW-effect designer!”

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