Bakery – App Design

Bakery – App Design

Project overview

The initiative involved creating a brand-new design for a bakery app from the ground up. Previously without a dedicated digital presence, the bakery sought to establish an engaging, modern, and intuitive app that would showcase its diverse selection of baked goods and services. The goal was to craft an interface that not only highlights the freshness and quality of the bakery’s products but also incorporates advanced features like online ordering, customization options, and loyalty rewards. This new design aimed to provide a seamless, enjoyable user experience that mirrors the bakery’s commitment to excellence and innovation in the culinary world.

My role
UX/UI designer, UX researcher
Performing interviews, creating paper and digital wireframes, developing both low and high-fidelity prototypes, executing usability studies, ensuring accessibility considerations, and iterating on designs.

Redesigned pages

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Design process

User research: summary
For the bakery app design project, I conducted thorough user research to understand the specific needs of our target customers. Through comprehensive interviews and the creation of an affinity map, it became evident that users were looking for a user-friendly, efficient app to explore and order bakery products. This insight was instrumental in developing a new app that not only made browsing and purchasing bakery items straightforward but also enhanced users’ confidence in the app, crucial for providing a satisfying and secure online shopping experience.
Design strategy: addressing pain points

In creating a new design for the bakery app, the main challenge was establishing an engaging and modern interface from scratch to captivate users. My objective was to develop an app with a visually appealing, intuitive interface that would draw in users and boost their confidence in using the app for their bakery needs. Moreover, I employed user journey mapping to identify key interaction points within the app. This strategy helped me to find opportunities where the app could offer valuable information and improve the overall user experience, making the process of exploring, customizing, and ordering bakery products more seamless and user-friendly.

Starting the design
I incorporated feedback and insights from the initial user testing phase, an essential step in fine-tuning the bakery app’s design to maximize user engagement. Special emphasis was given to achieving intuitive navigation and prominently showcasing the app’s main features. This strategy was designed to streamline the user’s experience within the app, facilitating easier access to and interaction with the bakery’s offerings, such as browsing menus, placing orders, and tracking deliveries. The aim was to make the app not only more user-friendly but also to significantly enrich the overall customer experience.

Laying out the content

In conceptualizing the content layout for the bakery app, I utilized wireframing to systematically structure the content into clear, organized sections.

This approach was aimed at fulfilling two main objectives: firstly, to meet business goals by encouraging users to engage with essential features such as browsing bakery items, placing orders, and participating in loyalty programs; and secondly, to satisfy user expectations by providing comprehensive and easy-to-understand information on product selections, customization options, and order tracking, as well as tips for making the most of the app’s offerings. The intention behind this strategy was to enhance the overall user experience, making it more enjoyable and efficient for customers to interact with the bakery app.

Bakery – App Design

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UI Design

For the new design of the bakery app, I chose Pacifico for H1 headers and Source Sans Pro for H2 headers and body text, embodying a design ethos centered around warmth and accessibility. This typographic strategy is crafted to elevate the app’s visual narrative by ensuring that the main headers exude a friendly and inviting aesthetic with Pacifico, while Source Sans Pro brings a balance of readability and modernity to secondary headers and text. The use of Pacifico for primary headers injects a unique charm and personality, effectively capturing users’ attention towards key features and announcements. Source Sans Pro, known for its versatility and clarity, ensures that the content is approachable and easy to navigate, enhancing the overall usability and user experience. This thoughtful combination of fonts is in line with the app’s objective to provide a pleasant and efficient platform for users to discover and order bakery products, further solidifying its identity as a customer-focused app in the bakery sector.

Bakery – App Design

Final look

Here are the final designs for the webpages, after applying the visual identity.

“We collaborated with Alesia on our bakery app design project. She demonstrated meticulous attention to our project’s unique requirements, actively pursued a deep understanding through thoughtful inquiries, upheld stellar communication throughout, and was remarkably cooperative. Alesia surpassed our anticipations, presenting a design that seamlessly matched our vision.”
Olivia Cho
Bakery owner

Results and future steps

Positive Feedback: After its introduction, the bakery app received positive feedback from users, reflecting a notable rise in engagement and overall user contentment.

Next Steps: Looking forward, the strategy will involve ongoing analysis of app analytics, continuous collection of user feedback, and regular application of updates and refinements. These actions will be shaped by the shifting demands of users and the latest trends in the bakery and culinary industries, ensuring the app continues to serve as a vital and current tool for enthusiasts and customers alike.


The App Design project for the bakery app successfully created a new digital presence, crafting a visually appealing and user-friendly interface from the ground up. This initiative significantly enhanced the app’s aesthetics and focused on elevating user interaction and satisfaction. Through the careful integration of design elements guided by principles centered on user experience, the project established a digital space that not only showcases the bakery’s offerings but also supports the app’s business goals and caters to the sophisticated preferences of its users.

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